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Most children will be apprehensive about moving mainly because they have to leave their friends, school and everything that they have known behind to go into a new place where they most likely do not know anyone. One of the biggest issues under contention is mainly leaving the school that they are currently in. even though children are very adoptive, it may still be devastating for them to leave behind their friends, teachers and the place where they are already comfortable and have been accepted.

It is therefore the duty of the parents to ensure that the transition into new schools while moving is as smooth as possible for their children. Therefore, while preparing for your move, it is important to consider the needs and interests of your children. In as much as it is possible, move into an area where these needs can be met. This will help to ease the transition for them. Good examples are neighborhood schools which offer a homey feeling and will be more acceptable to your children. One of the reasons why neighborhood schools are commonly used is because of the ease of travel to and from school. 

There are a few issues to consider when searching for new schools for your children. One is to realize that the school that you settle for should be in the same district as your area of residence. Also, most schools will only offer admission on availability which therefore means that you cannot move somewhere today and expect that your children will be enrolled into a school tomorrow. What this means therefore, is that you would be required to do some prior planning

One way to go about this is to schedule tours of the schools that you are interested in. Most schools will require that you call ahead of time and make an appointment. You may opt to take your children along for the tour so that they can get a feel of the new place and also so they can feel that they are part of the process. This would help to alleviate feelings of animosity and resentment which would arise if they feel that they are being forced to move.

However, public schools offer open enrollment which essentially means that you can register your children there at any time. Public schools will in most cases not provide transport for your children to and from school and you would therefore have to make arrangements to take care of this matter before hand. 

Before settling on a particular school, it is important to check on their scores and their track record to for example send their students to college. This information should not be that difficult to find because all schools that run by making use of public funds are required to post their results with the school district. There are some States like Arizona that have schools referred to as Magnet Schools; these are schools that offer a curriculum that is different from that of other schools. They offer specialties in areas like the arts or sciences and therefore if your child is gifted in one of these areas, this may be a possibility that you would like to explore. 

Many parents will ignore their children and their feeling while they are planning to move. It is important to remember that they to are part of the family and their needs should therefore be incorporated into the moving plan.

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Most children will be apprehensive about moving mainly because they have to leave their friends.
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